Current Events

2019 Recap

     2019 was a great year for Garrett and the whole 4rracing team. We ran the American Ethanol Modified Tour as our main priority while filling in the free weekends by running local Michigan tracks.
     Garrett was able to take home 3rd place points in the AEMT along with the Hardcharger award and making all of the shows.
     Lastly, Garrett was able to take 8th in points for the UMP Modified overall Michigan points. 

​2020 Plans

     2020 for the 4rracing crew is still up in a huge discussion on what tracks we are going to be running on a consistent basis, as of now we are waiting on all of the tracks and tours to come out with their respective schedule before we decide our course of action.



     As the car rebuild begins for the new season we plan to tear the car down and update it as we build it all back up.